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Our story

We are a group of local veg lovers that wanted to make navigating Charleston easy and accessible for vegans, vegetarians and the veg-curious. In this guide we highlight local restaurants and businesses. We also link you to additional Veg/Vegan resources like our Facebook groups and our MeetUp group that hosts a variety of awesome events every month (links coming soon!).

Restaurants are organized by region and within pages our favorites are on top (usually all-vegan or very veg-friendly) with other restaurants following in alphabetical order.

Menus and ingredients are subject to change without notice, so always ask your server when ordering to be sure that your meal is vegan-friendly. Menus and hours may also have changed due to the pandemic.

The veg scene in Charleston continues to evolve and grow. With your support of these local businesses, we will make living as a vegan in the South the new normal. Please share our site with family, friends and other businesses.


Thank you!

The Charleston Plant

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